मुज्हे नहीं प्ता की प्यार क्या होता है।
बस इतना पता है की वो बहुत खुबसूरत होता है।

किसी को देखकर मुस्कुराना या उसके हंसने पर मौसम का बदल जाना
क्या यही प्यार होता है?

बिन मतलब के हसना, बिन मतलब खुश होना
उसके ख्यालों में खो जाना, यही पागलपन प्यार होता है?

उसकी खुशियों में खुश होना, उसके रोने पर दिल टूट जाना, खुद से भी ज्यादा उनकी परवाह करना

क्या प्यार ऐसा होता है?

क्या पता प्यार क्या होता है
क्यौ और कैसे होता है पर शायद इसी प्यार की वजह से दुनिया आज तक कायम है।



My love for Mandalas

Back in my school days, I had been shifted to a new class in my 8th grade. There wasn’t one person I knew. It seemed like no matter how much I tried, I always missed out on whatever was going on in the class and my classmates. It felt like no one wanted to talk with me. I felt alone and left out every now and then.

So instead of crying or being sad about it, I just decided to keep myself busy. To distract myself from whatever was going on in my mind. I started drawing random circles and lines on the last page of my notebook. Gradually, the random curves of ink started coming together. They started making sense.

This is the one I drew after a few months

I did not know what I had made, but I knew I loved it. So, whenever I felt unheard, I let my gel pen take the steering wheel of my mind and lead me towards positivity. The fact that whatever I drew was called a ‘Mandala’ was discovered when I was scrolling through Instagram and saw something similar to what I drew.

But the fact that I love the most about it is that I did not let my negative emotions take control of me. Instead, I used mandalas to turn them into positive emotions. Every line, curve, and circle had my smiles, tears, and laughter in it. My love for Mandalas has helped me discover myself and overcome the hurdles life throws at me.

The Tree of Happiness

When we were kids, we would be happy even at receiving a balloon. Every little thing made us laugh. There were no worries, no responsibilities and no sadness.

Tree of happiness

But as we grow up, we end up leaving that kid behind. We start running after money, after achieving things. But in this race, we forget about the little things. We forget to smile and laugh often. Even a suitcase full of money doesn’t seem to make one happy now.


I was hungry one day.
Hungry for happiness to stay.
So I decided to make a pancake,
Out of everything that was left.

Cup full of tears,
Half a cup of smiles,
Quarter cup of hope,
And it took no time.

But for the secret,
To a perfect pancake,
I took a pinch from
The box of acceptance.

Mixed it all well
With the spoon of self-care.
Poured into the hot pan
Made of perseverance.

Flipped it over
And put off the stove.
Here, I serve you
The Pancake of my soul.

-Shivani Parekh

The Vast Universe

Once, when I was a kid, I had my exams the next day. And I had hardly studied anything. And I was so nervous and anxious, that I couldn’t do anything but cry. “What if I failed?”,”What if my parents didn’t like my marks?”,”What if everyone made fun of me?”…. All these questions kept running through my little mind.

My mom somehow knew my state of mind. She always does, without me needing to say anything. Just a look at my face is enough for her to know everything. So she made me my favorite snacks and told me to take a break (I wasn’t even studying….) So I ate my snacks and switched on the t.v to distract myself from my thoughts. I watch a lot of Discovery, and Discovery Science, and that’s what I watched at that time, too.

I don’t remember the name of the show, but it was about how the universe works. The episode I watched, showed how the earth is far smaller then other planets, how they are smaller in front of the sun, and how the sun appears like an ant compared to other larger suns in the universe. The last slide showed how small, how inferior, the earth looked in front of everything else.

Feeling tiny yet?

Suddenly, something dawned on me. The universe is SO vast. The whole universe, thousands of galaxies, millions of stars, a trillion of possibilities. And here we are, a mere form of life, on a planet, in the solar system, in the Milky way. So many generations of humans have risen and fallen on this same land. And yet, here I am, crying over AN EXAM of just 20 MARKS!

It felt like my perspective shifted. Almost like an 180° turn. I didn’t see the exam as a problem anymore, but as an opportunity, a part of this small life on this beautiful earth, that the universe had offered me. And I knew it will come to pass. Today, too whenever I find myself fidgeting about something which won’t really matter after some time, I remember this. And it helps me every time, to remember that my life is too short to worry, and too beautiful to waste doing so.

And I hope, you remember this, too!

Powercuts are good sometimes…

I had wrote this almost 3 years ago!

Everybody hates powercuts, isn’t it? But who could have imagined that powercuts could be beautiful.  I and my parents were in the bedroom, discussing something, with the A.C on the full blast because summer was on. My sister was in the living room, talking over phone. Suddenly, there was a power cut. Not only in […]

Powercuts are good sometimes…

The Songbird

Wherever the Songbird goes

I will go along
Because in the jungle
I am stranded all alone.

It sings of almost everything
From hearty prayers and wishes
Of love, dawn and dusk
To gods, demons and witches.

And here I sing along with it
To scare my fear away
Through rocks, rivers and silence
God leads our way.

I was lost and lonely
Almost ready to die
But the songbird came in
And lead me to the light.

And songbird, is the hope
Which leads us out of dark
When we think the fire is out
It lights up the spark

                                       – Shivani Parekh

A New Start

I had always loved writing. And drawing. And painting. I love everything through which I can express myself, something in which I can pour my heart and soul out. But sometimes, we have to choose between things. I was faced by a choice, too. And so, I had gave up following my passions for the sake of studies. But somewhere, it always kept pricking me. And so, I realised that we need to BALANCE things.

The secret to happiness

I will start writing again, painting again, expressing again. I will give my passions, my ideas, my life a new start. Thank you for joining me on my journey to express my thoughts, my beliefs and actions till my fullest!

Radhe Krishna: Traditional Figure Painting

Radhe Krishna Painting
Eternal Love

The bond between Lord Krishna and Radha is considered as the epitome of true love. They loved each other, but they never married each other. Lord Krishna always insisted on mentioning his love, Radha before his name because he considered her as a part of his soul. They taught the world what unconditional love is.